Need supplemental or full-time Maintenance? 
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Has your plant ever experienced…

  • Substantial overtime hours due to machine failure?
  • Missing a set goal of uptime for production?
  • Fines or dissatisfaction from customers on production issues?
  • Misunderstandings about the cost of maintenance?
  • Lack of reporting in the areas of downtime, cost of maintenance by department or machine, or work order status?
  • Lack of manpower during peak times?

A solid Preventative Maintenance Program will address many of these issues. Renfrow Industrial understands that a well-executed maintenance program does not cost money…It pays for itself!!! Renfrow Industrial provides total and/or supplemental and/or outage based maintenance support, as well as audit support.

Need EMERGENCY Maintenance?
Maintenance Services
Complete Maintenance Support
Total and/or supplemental support for your plant’s core operations to include but not limited to electrical, mechanical, HVAC, chillers, boilers, plumbing, controls, air compressor systems, piping, etc. Let our team of experienced professionals help reduce your maintenance costs.
Capital and Plant Project Support
Construction support for capital projects such as plant modifications or expansion. In addition, plant projects for safety, kaizen events, or machine modifications.
Short duration, large workforce staffing for work performed during plant shutdowns.
Maintenance Audit Support
Conduct a customized audit of current maintenance practices. Renfrow Industrial will create and present findings and recommendations following an audit.
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Our Mission at Renfrow Industrial is to provide construction expertise, along with excellent service, to meet the contracting needs of industrial companies. We accomplish this through our competent, professional leaders and by matching employee skills to customer needs.

We are committed to utilizing our business as a platform to draw men and women into the kingdom of God and to provide an environment in which employees can, if they choose, grow in their faith in Jesus Christ.


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