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Our New Site! Our New Image!

This has been a very significant year in the life of Renfrow Brothers, Inc.  There are 2 major events that took place in 2018.  The first was the celebration of our 25th anniversary.  The second was the decision to re-brand the company from Renfrow Brothers, Inc. to Renfrow Industrial, Inc.

This has been a long process that has been worked on by numerous people within the company.  So, I would like to say thank you to all those involved.  I also would like to thank Mojoe.net, our marketing partner, who has stepped us through this process along the way. There are several key items that you will notice in our re-branding process.


Here is a recap:

# 1 – We created a new Renfrow Industrial company logo and adopted a new color scheme.

# 2 – We developed a new Renfrow Industrial brochure that showcases our new logo, company colors, and capabilities.

# 3 – We redesigned our business cards to continue our new marketing look.




There are several key things to come as we close out the 2018 calendar year.  We will implement a social media marketing plan and invest in SEO to promote and enhance our new website.

For more information, please visit RenfrowIndustrial.com or contact chris.simmons@renfrowindustrial.com.