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Our New Site! Our New Image!

This has been a very significant year in the life of Renfrow Brothers, Inc.  There are 2 major events that took place in 2018.  The first was the celebration of our 25th anniversary.  The second was the decision to re-brand the company from Renfrow Brothers, Inc. to Renfrow Industrial, Inc.

This has been a long process that has been worked on by numerous people within the company.  So, I would like to say thank you to all those involved.  I also would like to thank, our marketing partner, who has stepped us through this process along the way. There are several key items that you will notice in our re-branding process.


Here is a recap:

# 1 – We created a new Renfrow Industrial company logo and adopted a new color scheme.

# 2 – We developed a new Renfrow Industrial brochure that showcases our new logo, company colors, and capabilities.

# 3 – We redesigned our business cards to continue our new marketing look.




There are several key things to come as we close out the 2018 calendar year.  We will implement a social media marketing plan and invest in SEO to promote and enhance our new website.

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