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At our locations, Renfrow Industrial has skilled craftsmen who are able and ready to meet the needs of your plant or facility.  We are always willing to answer any questions by phone or email. No matter what type of issue you have within your plant or facility, Renfrow Industrial has the capabilities of delivering quality service on time and within your budget.

So no matter if your plant or facility is experiencing a normal or state-of-emergency, Renfrow Industrial is prepared to go the extra mile for you.  For immediate support, please see our contact information below.

Our Corporate Office

Our Charleston Office

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Our Mission Statement

Our Mission at Renfrow Industrial is to provide construction expertise, along with excellent service, to meet the contracting needs of industrial companies. We accomplish this through our competent, professional leaders and by matching employee skills to customer needs.

We are committed to utilizing our business as a platform to draw men and women into the kingdom of God and to provide an environment in which employees can, if they choose, grow in their faith in Jesus Christ.