Our Company

Renfrow Industrial, a Total Industrial Solutions Provider, was founded by William Renfrow in 1993. The company’s values are based on Christian principles. Our motto is: Doing the right thing matters. By delivering first class service to our customers, Renfrow Industrial has experienced incredible growth over the past 25 years. Renfrow Industrial‘s corporate offices are located in Spartanburg, SC. We also have additional offices in Charleston, South Carolina.

Our Capabilities

Renfrow Industrial is a Total Industrial Solutions provider. We deliver excellent mechanical, electrical, maintenance, and fabrication services to industrial plants and facilities throughout the United States.

Renfrow Industrial has successfully worked in many different industries. We understand the importance of working in a controlled, production driven environment. With a full-time safety department, Renfrow Industrial has developed and implemented a top-notch safety program.

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Our Mission at Renfrow Industrial is to provide construction expertise, along with excellent service, to meet the contracting needs of industrial companies. We accomplish this through our competent, professional leaders and by matching employee skills to customer needs.

We are committed to utilizing our business as a platform to draw men and women into the kingdom of God and to provide an environment in which employees can, if they choose, grow in their faith in Jesus Christ.


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